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In response to “Clergy Calls For U.S. To Get ‘Creative’ In Syria” (Sept. 20), I would like to bring to your attention a little-known but important fact: Israel has erected makeshift hospitals along the Golan Heights on the Syrian border in order to treat the wounded Syrians who come into Israel in droves; they are treated by the excellent Israeli doctors and nurses. They know that they will receive the best medical care possible. They are even undergoing surgery if needed. When one of the nurses was asked why they do it, she replied that Israel treats anyone who needs help, no matter who.

When the wounded Syrians see the Israelis, they realize that they are not the monsters depicted by their dictators. And that is a good thing. How is that for getting “creative”?

On the other hand, can you imagine what would happen if an Israeli (or a Jew) would cross over to Syria? It’s too horrific to contemplate.

It seems not too many people are aware of these Israeli treatment centers; the media has not reported it. But when one building is erected in Jerusalem, the whole world is in an uproar and calls to punish this humane little country.

Another little-known fact is that the wall, which was built in southern Israel to stop the infiltration of terrorists and criminal elements into Israel from the Sinai Desert, is working well, but that does not mean there are not attempts at terror. In August, all of the Israeli newspapers declared on their front pages that there was zero infiltration into Israel from the south; in July, there were still close to 200 infiltrations.

The people of Israel are very grateful for that wall, which undoubtedly has saved countless lives.

Ada Grodzinsky

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