God Is With Us!


Every single news website, newspaper and magazine is filled with negative news. Death, crime, the Baltimore riots and too much hatred (“The Whole World Is Seeing This,” May 1). It is no surprise that some wonder where is God. But how many people look for the positive news? The miracles? How many people know the daily birthrate worldwide? The answer is around 375,000.

While some are hooked on negativity, I can vouch that God is here, and He is great. Not long ago, my mother, who is in her early 60s and probably in the best shape of her life, was diagnosed out of the blue with cancer. This, after feeling some stomach pain and going to the ER. Days later, she went through major surgery, focusing the entire time on what she had to look forward to afterward, including two brand new grandchildren.

While my mother and my family could have focused on this devastating news, we chose to have a different perspective. Yes, my mother is on a difficult road to being a cancer survivor, but the cancer was discovered. It was discovered in a state-of-the-art hospital, with life-saving medicine and incredible nurses and doctors who had the ability and knowledge to operate, even using a robot.

Where is God, some ask? He is with the medicines and technologies that never existed before. He is with the people who have the amazing skills to care for my mother, save her life and give her new hope by making sure she will continue to be a bubbie for my baby and for my future children. Yes indeed, God is great!

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