Grand Historic Venue Now Offers Kosher Weddings


070513_briefs_grand_historic_venue__kosher_weddings2Baltimore’s Grand Historic Venue now offers full catering services for kosher weddings, thanks to a partnership with O’Fishel Kosher Catering.

The venue, which is next door to what used to be the Tremont Grand Hotel, previously only had the capacity to deliver pre-wrapped kosher meals for individual guests. With a separate kitchen, O’Fishel can now accommodate weddings for up to 320 people, said Fishel Gross, owner of the catering company.

“This is a whole new genre,” he said.

070513_briefs_grand_historic_venue__kosher_weddings1Gross’ company, which has been catering kosher meals in Baltimore since 1978, has a long-standing relationship with Cathy Sandler, who took over as director of catering and conference services at the Grand Historic Venue in February.

Sandler and Gross had previously worked together on Orthodox weddings at what is now the Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel. He would bring the clients in, and she would set them up with the venue.

After working at the Weston in Annapolis, which was too small for O’Fishel to do full weddings, Sandler came back to Baltimore to start her current position. Gross was one of the first people she called about the Grand Historic Venue, which Gross said he had never set foot inside.

070513_briefs_grand_historic_venue__kosher_weddings3“For years, Fishel would deliver kosher meals but never walk in the door,” Sandler said.

When she showed him around the five-floor venue, which dates back to 1860s, he was amazed.

“It’s a magnificent, old-fashioned hotel where things were built with pride and craftsmanship,” he said.

Since O’Fishel and the Grand Historic Venue announced their partnership, they have booked five Orthodox weddings.

Sandler said she is planning to reach out to Yeshiva University, local synagogues and other organizations in the Jewish community to turn five weddings into many more.

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