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052915_foodThe new food movement/trend is eating well and healthy to look and feel better. And what better time than spring to jump-start lighter, delicious eating. From blueberries and strawberries to asparagus and spinach, good choices can improve moods for all ages.

Local fresh foods really are healthier. You will enjoy higher nutrient levels because they are not shipped from around the globe and still labeled “fresh.”  So now is the time to watch for the early openings of farmers’ markets: There won’t be the selections of prime summer, yet it’s a good beginning on cooking or planting with locally grown healthy ingredients.

Salads as entrees are always welcome, and you can customize them to any ethnic flavor. Tweak your salads to include grilled poultry, seafood or meat. Chopped salads are all the rage now, and using different harvest grains such as farro and beans can give your salad a whole new dimension. Add thinly sliced fennel including its lacy, soft frond-like leaves in place of celery. I always top my salads with something crispy, and the choices available are endless for chips, nuts and seeds.

But it is the dressing that is the finishing touch, and it’s so easy to make your own without the preservatives or additives in store-bought varieties. Try a lighter-flavored vinegar, such as rice wine vinegar, with a little sesame oil and a splash of soy sauce and sugar, especially for an Asian theme. A simple oil-and-vinegar vinaigrette can be kicked up by just adding a few extra ingredients such as finely minced shallots or herbs. It will transform a regular ho-hum salad into a four-star meal.



BOK CHOY SALAD (Pareve/Meat)



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