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What an encouraging article (“Fusion of Faiths,” June 21). As you know, Messianic Jews have generally been considered outside the Jewish community, even though we’ve maintained all along that we are Jews. We follow Torah, we celebrate the holidays, our services are on Shabbat, our children have bar/bat mitzvahs, Israel is our land, etc. Yet, in this article, I was pleased to read that the head of Jews for Judaism, Ruth Guggenheim, is quoted as saying that “within 20 years, Messianic Judaism will be accepted as an alternative within Judaism, not a challenged belief system.” It may take less than 20 years, Ruth. Even now, some Jewish scholars are interacting with Messianic Jewish scholars over critical issues, including the Messiahship of Yeshua. There are some who already accept that Messianic Jews are part of the Jewish world.

Although some of the statements in the article weren’t accurate, largely because they were quotes from people who didn’t have all the facts, all-in-all this was a positive article. I especially appreciated Rabbi Sharff’s remark at the end of the article: “The best thing we can do is have conversation.” Isn’t that what we Jews do?

Rabbi Barry Rubin
Emmanuel Messianic Jewish CongregationClarksville, Md.

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