He Didn’t Stop The Perpetrators


Kevin Kamenetz, you had my favor until the part in the article describing how you faced the public safety challenge by rushing off to seek a ban on assault weapons, limit magazines to 10 rounds and increase background checks on handgun purchases after two children brought pistols to school and the Connecticut school killings occurred (“Serving The Greater Good,” April 19). You ran to establish the same laws and regulations that were in effect in Connecticut at the time of the shootings, none of which did anything to stop the perpetrator.

No one had been killed by an assault weapon in your district, or in Maryland, for a long time. Real assault weapons that fire as a machine gun are already illegal, and the background checks were in place as well. It is already illegal for a minor to have a gun. Bring in the parents and fine or try them. The so-called gun-show loophole or 40 percent of unregulated sales was the transfer of guns from father to son or sibling to sibling or inheritance.

So you have now made the law-abiding person a criminal and totally ignored criminals and their gun use. The regulations that require reporting of insane persons is on the books but unused by medical agencies, as it violates patient-to-doctor relationships. Criminals lying on forms are never prosecuted anyway, as they cite self-incrimination as illegal. And so it goes, you ran to do it, lacking any real knowledge of what you were doing and felt good afterward while making into criminals people who would normally never commit a crime.

There is a gun crime problem in Baltimore, and we all know where it is and who is doing it. What have you done to stop it? New York City uses “stop and frisk” in high-crime areas, and this has cut its gun deaths in half. But I don’t think any Maryland politician has the stomach to do it again after it was tried in Baltimore. You certainly do not.

Mr. Kamenetz, your performance is not very impressive. In fact, I am disappointed in the representation we have elected. Perhaps it is true that this is what we get when one party is in power for too long.

Joseph Schvimmer

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