Heritage, Not Hate, Is Behind Flag’s Display


Shame on you, Jodi Zisow.

If my Confederate flag offended you (Your Say, July 24), perhaps you could have knocked on my door and engaged me in a conversation. The flag to me, symbolizes heritage. I have studied history my whole life. The focus of my studies has been the Civil War. I celebrate the brave men who fought for a cause. As far as I am concerned, that flag has historical meaning, not hatred, not racism.

Just because twisted, hateful people adopted it as their symbol does not dilute its true meaning for me and for other history lovers. The very fact that you condemn me for expressing my love of history makes you the hater. I do not, nor would I ever, condemn you for your lifestyle choices. I will continue to fly my Confederate battle flag with pride!

By the way, that very flag was designed by rabbis in Richmond. It is all explained in the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond. Take a field trip. You might learn something.

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