History of Unethical Presidents


Rabbi Landau, let me help with your inner conflict (“My Inner Conflict on Trump,” Sept. 28). As a Jew, you are enthralled with the president. He moved the embassy, withdrew funding to UNWRA and picked Nikki Haley for our UN Ambassador. Though you forgot a big one. He also withdrew from the agreement with Iran, which is causing havoc there.

As an American, you embrace his tariffs, how he deals with dictators, the economy and how your 401K is growing. To lump your concerns, it seems to be that he is “unpresidential.” Let me posit that he is acting very presidential. Consider the actions of Kennedy, Nixon, FDR, Johnson and Bush Sr. With the exception of Nixon, all “unpresidential” acts were released after they left office or died, not while they were in office.

As an American Jew, you like his accomplishments, but not his behavior. I agree. When you look at the behavior of most politicians, it is oftentimes distasteful, if not illegal. How about that Sen. Feinstein? In recent history, Congress has an average approval rating of just under 20 percent. Is it because we don’t trust anything they do or say? Yet President Trump has done what he said he would do, and that is truly very unpresidential.

So Rabbi, I would suggest you look at outcomes, both domestic and foreign, not the behavior of your politicians. Otherwise you will limit your voting to the very few politicians with ethics, which I believe to be an oxymoron. If we only voted for politicians who accomplish things for the betterment of their community, most politicians would need to find a real job.


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