How Come No Glory for Jewish Patriots?


The exciting lives led by the two Jewish patriots profiled in the Jewish Times (“Jewish Patriots: Balancing Jewish, American Identities During the War of 1812,” Sept. 5) left me with the following question: Why haven’t Uriah Levy and Mendes Cohen been the subject of a made-for-TV series or PBS documentary?

Levy was unmistakably an individual of numerous outstanding accomplishments: military hero, successful businessman, philanthropist and aristocrat. And Cohen was no slouch.

Might the lack of interest be because Cohen’s and Levy’s names are too obviously Jewish? Or is it because — outside of Francis Scott Key’s song writing — there is some sort of media conspiracy to ignore the War of 1812 (during which the U.S. tried to do to Canada what it did to Iraq in 2003)?

And thus, given the general amnesia on the subject, the real motivation for our local commemoration even taking place is financial rather than patriotic or historical: to generate tourist dollars for Maryland.

Steve Weissman




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