Ignorant Or Ignoring?


I’m a member of the community here, and I was shocked and dismayed by your editorial, “An Alternative To Peace?” (Dec. 13). … Whining about all the bad things that will happen to Israel if it doesn’t make a comprehensive peace is the same lame argument from J Street, to which I would bet you are a card-carrying member. I’m also curious as to who at the JT approves editorial content. You either are ignorant of the last few offers over the last 15 years to the Arabs for a settlement, or you chose to ignore them. …

Every piece of land from which Israel has withdrawn has been overtaken by Islamists, who point thousands of rockets and launch attacks at Israel. You think that by creating another state the same isn’t going to happen? Your view is shared by only a fraction of the Israeli population.

Marc Roffman

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