Illogical Letter


Gary Kaplowitz’s lashon harah in his Dec. 2 Your Say letter “Be Wary of Democratic Party” belies logic and denies reality.

Like a “Fox,” he contends that the Democratic Party’s “campaign rhetoric has incited the worst racial, ethnic and religious strife since the 1960s.” In point of fact, Donald Trump first established his political currency by fronting a racist birth certificate campaign to delegitimize America’s first black president, Barack Obama. He then kicked off his presidential campaign by bashing Mexicans and then pivoted to misogyny.  It tells you all you need to know that his campaign was embraced by the KKK and the chairman of the American Nazi Party, and, most recently, it was even hailed with Nazi salutes — with Trump belatedly (and only when pushed into a corner to do so) rejecting such support.

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