Inside Scoop: Friendships Are the Key


Summer camp is generally an on-the-go adventure, but undoubtedly there may be those times when your camper will be sitting on his or her bunk in need of something to do to fill the time.

Camp Louise alum Ayme Lederman says her two daughters, who also attend Louise, have much less free time†than she did while at camp in the 1980s and 1990s, but when they do, some kids may be tempted to turn to their smartphones for entertainment. But that isn’t an option at the camp, where a screen-free environment is strictly adhered to.

Cards and board games are generally a pretty safe bet for those down times, and parents say that jacks, which were popular during their camp days, are slowly making a comeback.

But it’s really the things money can’t buy that are the most precious when it comes to filling the camp experience.

“Camp friends are a special kind of friend,” Camp Louise alumna Ayme Lederman says.  “They are always there when you need them. You could not have seen or spoken to them in a year or even more, [but] it is like you saw them yesterday, like no time has passed at all.”


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