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Home is where everything is. Our homes are no longer places where we keep our possessions and sleep at night. Today, home is an office, restaurant, gym, spa, school and entertainment. It’s the safe haven where we can relax, prepare meals and spend time with our family and loved ones. Home is a constant in a world of uncertainty. Yet so much time in one space can make it patently clear when it’s time for upgrades.

Idan Tzameret, owner of Baltimore-based Kitchen Design by Idan, says that people are prioritizing renovations to their living spaces. The kitchen, a bustling hub of activity in many households, is often the focal point for the home and the area we spend the most amount of time.

Kitchen Design by Idan specializes in kitchens as well as bathrooms and custom cabinetry in remodels and new builds. With more than 16 years of experience, Tzameret (The T is silent) still finds excitement in his daily work. “I enjoy the transformation of something old and dated to bring it back to life, making people want to use their kitchens again and sometimes for the first time.”

Baltimore definitely has many extraordinary old buildings that provide sources of design inspiration. “I really enjoy properties with historic meaning and character,” he says. “I like keeping original details with a modern renovation. We were hired to renovate an entire rowhome in Canton, a large corner property that had been a storage facility for ships’ equipment and parts. We took original elements from the building and incorporated them in the new design. The end result was truly amazing.”

For Tzameret, appreciating the differences between price and value is one of the keys to a successful project. He encourages homeowners to invest in the elements that matter most for their lifestyles. Tzameret and his team will work within your budget and respect your boundaries while creating a superb product.

“Make a list of what is really important for you,” he says. “Think about how you are going to benefit from this improvement in appearance and functionality. Consider all the variables: appliance location, storage, look and overall quality. The kitchen is more than just cabinets on the wall. There are a lot of factors and details that, if chosen carefully, can make your life so much better, and not for just the next year but many years to come,

What are some fresh themes in kitchen design? “Finally, after years of white, white, white and a little gray, colors are emerging in the kitchen space,” Tzameret adds. “I see a lot of blues, greens and 47 shades of gray. Walnut and white oak are making a strong comeback.”

Inspired design happens when a client entrusts a project to Tzameret and his team. “We listen to their needs and design accordingly. When people see how We follow their guidelines, they often give us more freedom with color selection, style, etc., and that’s when we really have fun.” This partnership and energy brings brilliant results.

Create a feel-good space you can live with in your home. As for the typical life span of a kitchen, Tzameret says that if individuals make a plan and choose quality supplies, “they should expect 20 to 30 years from their cabinets and countertops, assuming that the workmanship is good and there is no abuse of materials. For appliances, unless selecting a professional-grade product, getting 10 to 12 years from the average appliance package is about right.”

Are you considering a kitchen upgrade? Find your own inspiration among Tzameret’s favorite design projects at and envision the possibilities.

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