On Iran, Obama Must Change Course


In a Jan. 9 editorial, “Time to Reconsider Iran Sanctions,” the JT suggests that the purpose of new sanctions legislation would be to keep the Iranians at the negotiation table. However, we should be mindful that sanctions were originally imposed
to pressure Iran to comply with a half-dozen hard-won U.N. Security Council resolutions. These resolutions required Iran to completely end its uranium enrichment program and established rigid verification parameters to ensure that Iran ceases to
engage in other nuclear weapons development activities.

It should be painfully clear by now that concessions already granted to Iran by the Obama administration during the present negotiation process have gutted those Security Council resolutions. According to Omri Ceren in Commentary magazine (“Enabling Iran’s Nukes,” January 2015), the president and his advisers are still clinging to hopes that these negotiations will stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, hopes that “they have every reason to know are, in truth, delusional.”

If President Obama is looking for a foreign policy legacy worthy of praise, he would do well to abandon his present course of appeasing Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Instead of continuing down that delusional path, he should insist that Iran immediately and unconditionally comply with all the applicable U.N. Security Council resolutions, and he should start working seriously with Congress to bring Iran to its economic knees now by imposing ever-increasing sanctions on the recalcitrant Iranian regime until it fully complies with those resolutions.

Marc L. Caroff is a President, Louis D. Brandeis Chapter Zionist Organization of America, Silver Spring, Md.

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