Is Petrol Parve?


“Fill her up with unleaded and give me some gum and that homemade gefilte fish, too.” It’s not common lingo at gas stations across the nation, but it’s becoming more frequent in Brooklyn, thanks to the Rio Gas Station in Borough Park. Yes, the nation has just received its first kosher petrol plaza, according to theNew York Post.

In addition to gefilte fish, commuters can also purchase stews, challah, bagels with lox and cholent from the Heimeshe Coffee Shop that’s part of the setup. For the Middle East-minded, there’s some shakshuka as well, a Sephardi blend of eggs and tomato sauce.

The place is easy to spot from the road. Just look for the red-lettered sign that declares “Premium Diesel –– Lowest Prices In The Neighborhood” with another plaque above it announcing “Shomer Shabbat” in Hebrew and English.

Not surprisingly, business is most robust on Thursdays and Fridays. Apparently, instead of heading to the kosher grocery store, some folks are grabbing their Shabbat foods with some high test octane.

No word yet if the gas station offers a discount for Baltimore JCC members.

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