Islam Is Not Good Fit for West


Joshua Runyan’s comments are well taken (“Respond with Unity,” Jan. 16). However, refusing to call a spade a spade with regard to these incidents merely reinforces the idea that the Jews of Europe are afraid. The fact is that Islam in general is not conducive to assimilation into Western societies.

It is beyond me why European countries continue to try to absorb more and more Muslims when Arab countries continue to trash Western ideas and religions. Europe should seriously cut down on Arab/Muslim immigration, cancel the passports of its citizens who travel for jihad or jihadi training, and stop pretending that concessions to the Palestinians will solve the issue of Islamic fundamentalist terror.

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  1. Mr. Hotz contends that “Islam in general is not conducive to assimilation into Western societies.”

    It just so happens. post-9/11, that FIVE out of the last 12 individual recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize were Muslims, 3 of them women.

    Within that same current time-frame, there were no Jewish awardees. Therefore, by this objective, non-partisan Western criterion of tikkun ‘olam, Islam is a religion of peace, and Judaism, apparently- sadly- is not.

  2. The President of Israel says differently:

    Rivlin in U.N. address stands up for Islam

    January 28, 2015

    NEW YORK (JTA) — Israeli President Reuven Rivlin defended Islam in a U.N. address and said that “neither the West, nor the Christians nor the Jews are at war with Islam.”

    Rivlin made his remarks Wednesday at a General Assembly ceremony for International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which was the day before.

    “Right now, Islam encompasses, under its enormous wings, victims of persecution and of terrorism, while at the same time it also serves as the banner of the attackers,” he said.

    Rivlin noted that his father, Yosef Yoel, who created the first Hebrew translation of the Koran, believed “in the importance of dialogue and the cultural significance of the Koran for all the children of Abraham.”

    Rivlin also accused the U.N. of not taking enough action to counter recent genocides.


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