Israel: A Beacon of Freedom


Dr. Robert Freedman, with tremendous gall and chutzpah, calls out Israel as “not yet a light unto the nations” (“Israel at 70: Not Yet a ‘Light Unto the Nations,’” April 13). Is he looking at the same wonderful, democratic, charitable country that I am? I’d assume not.

He wears dark sunglasses and finds flaws in a country where multitudes of nations around the world see wonderful acts of kindness and charity, day after day, month after month and year after year. Who is usually the first, within 24 hours, to send volunteer medical teams around the world to Haiti, South America, Central America and countless countries far and wide? Who treats thousand of men, women and children, torn apart by the fighting in Syria, right over its sovereign border? Where, I ask, are Syrians’ Arab brothers and sisters and their volunteer medical teams? Is it not their duty to help?

Not yet a light unto the nations to you, Dr. Freedman? You are right, maybe the Jewish state is more than what Isaiah thought. Maybe it is a global shining sun in a world filled with darkness and frauds.



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