Israel: Democracy Despite Its Faults


I think it’s ludicrous to spend time and money polling people on whether Israel should be a democracy or a theocracy. Surely, they’re not mutually exclusive. For those who are concerned that Israel will become “too Jewish,” fear not. One need only remember that Israel was founded by secular Jews and is home to an impressive majority who are secular.

Indeed, it is scary to think of any country, especially the Jewish state, becoming a dictatorship dominated by ayatollahs. The editorial “A Bad Bill for the Jewish State” (Nov. 28) that criticizes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s timing is certainly debatable, but one wonders if world critics do “show appropriate sensitivity to Jewish values.” Israel is a democracy, and just as America is fractious and less than perfect, so too is the tiny democracy situated in that awful neighborhood. I believe that if Israel is to lose its Jewish character, then those of us who sacrificed and sent our children to build the land will have done so in vain.


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