Israel Not a Partisan Issue


In his opinion piece, Mr. Kauffman does Israel no service by making the Jewish state a partisan issue (“Democrats Must Be Held Accountable,” July 15). Israel has supporters and unfortunately antagonists in both major parties, and if we care about quality of life and security in America as well as in Israel, we are most effective by looking at the full voting record, experience, public statements and base of support of every candidate, regardless of party affiliation.

If you want to know about Chris Van Hollen, ask the voters of Maryland’s 8th Congressional District, especially the Jewish community of Montgomery County, who elected to return him to Congress seven times. Or ask the editors of the Baltimore Jewish Times, who during the primary election campaign earlier this year called Congressman Van Hollen “a steady and consistent supporter of Israel” with “a history of sensitivity to and support of issues of interest and concern to our community.”

As for me, I believe Van Hollen will be an excellent partner in the Senate to our soon-to-be senior Sen. Ben Cardin, another Democrat who is and has been a consistent supporter of Israel.

While Mr. Kauffman describes himself as a “pro-Israel activist” — perhaps he is — in this case, he seemed more like a pro-Republican activist at the expense of Israel.

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