Israelis Love Life in The holy land

A recently published poll by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics reveals that the majority of Israelis are very pleased with their lives.

    • Eighty-eight percent of Israelis are content with their lives; 52.3 percent believe their lives will improve in the near future.
    • Almost 60 percent of respondents said they are satisfied with their current financial state; 44.7 percent believe their financial state will improve.
    • Ninety percent stated they were happy with their marital life.
    • Eighty-six percent stated they were pleased with their dwellings; 38 percent were “very satisfied.” Pollsters questioned 7,000 Israeli citizens over the age of 20 in 2011 to come to the above-results. One Israeli, Roi, 27, said he concurred with these findings.

“It’s fun to live in Israel. Things here will only get better,” he said.

Jerusalemite Dafna, 49, said she also feels strongly about the Jewish state.

“This is the land of the Jews. We don’t need any other place,” she said.

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