‘It Cannot Be Allowed’


There are metal detectors outside the holiest site in Islam, the Grand Mosque in Mecca. That is because it was attacked and captured by a group of Shia terrorists in 1979, which resulted in a large-scale battle. The terrorists were sent by Iran. As a sensible security measure, the Saudis installed the metal detectors to prevent the smuggling of arms into the mosque. Similarly, there are metal detectors at the largest mosque in India in Hyderabad. When the police searched the mosque in Finsbury Park in London, they found firearms inside. It is a simple sensible precaution to have metal detectors outside mosques.

When three Muslim gunmen shot two Israeli border guards outside the Al-Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem, they came from the mosque with guns, and they re-entered the Mosque after the shooting. Israeli police forces pursued them and killed them. After clearing the mosque, Israeli authorities erected metal detectors outside in order to prevent the smuggling of arms into the mosque. This in no way changed the basic situation; the Muslim waqf still controls the mosques on the Temple Mount.

But the Palestine Authority under President Mahmoud Abbas decided to make this a point of contention with the Israeli government. They ordered Muslim worshippers not to enter through the metal detectors but to pray outside the mosque. There have been scuffles with the Israel police and soldiers guarding the Temple Mount. Sadly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rescinded the metal detector order. What does it mean, that the Palestinians Arabs have the ability to carry weapons into the mosque without Israeli interference? This should not be allowed. It cannot be allowed in Mecca, in Hyderabad, in Finsbury Park and in Jerusalem.

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