It Is Excruciating


Inveterate Obama-basher Barbara Bloom’s hysterical screed (“And Really Mean it,” Aug. 2) is one of the most intrinsically disordered “extravasations” I have ever come across. Analogizing the Benghazi incident — a lethal attack on a U.S. consulate by devout political adversaries — with the Zimmerman case, in which an unarmed juvenile walking home was killed by an armed vigilante? What’s next?  Comparing the IDF evacuation of residents from Gaza with the Nazis’ annihilation of the Warsaw Ghetto?  Equating gangrene with a broken pinky finger? Cancer with a common cold?

Seriously, Bloom deserves our com-passion (rachmanus).  It is excruciating to cling to a hashkafa so completely  that anyone or anything who calls it into question in any way or seemingly overturns a basis of one’s belief system — as the Obama victories in 2008 and 2012 apparently did — can be seen as attacking one’s very identity.

Baruch Shaw

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