Jailhouse Rock Of Ages


Ahh, New York, where everything Jewish is possible — including a lavish bar mitzvah in the slammer.

It seems that officials of the Big Apple are busy investigating how a well-connected inmate could host a lavish bar mitzvah in prison, according to the JTA Wire Service.

The city’s Department of Investigation is looking into how Tuvia Stern — once on the lam for more than 20 years for stealing $1.7 million in a financial scam before being extradited by Brazil and landing in a U.S. prison — brought in 60 guests, including prominent rabbis, the popular Orthodox singer Yaakov Shwekey, and a caterer with fine china.

The Dec. 30 blessed event was held in the gymnasium of the Lower Manhattan jail where Stern is being held. Stern, according to the New York Post, also held an engagement party for his daughter at the same place several months later.

(So if there’s a brit milah there for her family in a few years, will the mohel have his equipment confiscated at the door?)

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg mustered the strength to offer a profound statement on the matter: “Clearly, this is not something that should have taken place,” hizzoner said.

But seriously, Mr. Mayor, did they save you any of that amazing Viennese dessert spread?

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