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In response to “Pursuing Strength of Arms” (Jan. 10, 2020):

I support this whole heartedly. Get proper training, and PRACTICE.

Pat Gatey



A training course should be mandatory for every gun purchase. Wish it was in Colorado — you can buy them in roadside stands like fireworks. Plus, they have a “Make My Day” law which allows you to shoot anyone if you feel threatened. My son owns guns in Colorado (he lives in the country) but has taken extensive training and keeps his skills up at a professional range.

Allison Lansberry



Training should be taken, not only firearm but self- defense. If you are close to the attacker, he/she can grab and get control of the firearm before it is fired.

Dwight Price



In response to “Sunset Over Edmart” (Jan. 10, 2020):

I worked at Pikesville Office Supply for many years in the early 90s, and at least twice a week I would walk across the street for a chopped liver or brisket sandwich — not only for the food, but also for the banter with Marty, Shelly, or one of the guys! The food was delicious and brought back so many memories of my childhood in NYC. There will never be another Edmart in this area. It truly will be missed!

Lisa Astrin



I know it’s odd to have my favorite sandwich from Edmart be their tuna salad, but it was the best! I will also never forget Shelley’s kindness toward my family when my mom, Rhona Schneider, passed away. She went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed. Shelley even offered to get me panty hose to wear for my Mom’s funeral. The little details…

Susan Schneider Havelock

Owings Mills


My parents were close friends of Marty and Ruthie Lev since their teens. The closing of Edmart marks more than another store closing. It was a last link to my parents, who are no longer with us.

Jo Ann Lippman Kline


So sad. Wonderful people, great food, even better fun,

Murray Bruce Green



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