JCC Migdal Celebrates Its Anniversary


migdalOn February 2, the Migdal Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Odessa celebrated its twenty-second birthday! The program, planned by Migdal members, was held in one of Odessa’s concert halls; yet, the family atmosphere of the event made everybody feel warm and cozy. Migdal participants of all ages took part in the performance: babies danced with their parents, little children showed amazing theatrical dances, teenagers made a humorous sketch and parents parodied famous artists. Migdal JCC received notes from around the world; the Counsel of Israel, the Joint director and The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore all sent letters of congratulations.

Migdal JCC, the oldest Jewish Community Center in Odessa, pays special attention to creative development. The building itself includes an educational center, early childhood development center, library, art studios, a theatre and a museum. The JCC offers programs such as: Odessa Jewish Theater, chorus and dance school, painting, a school for musicians, preschool program, a club for young families and a youth club.

The Center of Early Childhood Education’s social services program, Mazel Tov, was launched in 2001. Children from the very first months of life and expectant mothers attend. In the program, children receive the opportunity to fully develop and to understand the world around them.

In addition, Beiteinu Day School was created for children in need of any assistance. This not only applies to children from low-income or single-parent families but also to families with children who need psychological help. The program is held with the participation of the Jewish Charity Center, Gmilus Chesed. Employees of Gmilus Chesed worked hard to collect data on both single-parent families in need and families with children in need of psychological support.

Migdal is a great example of a family community center. Once someone enters the center, they never want to leave it! Community members of all ages can find something interesting in Migdal. The Jewish community in Odessa is proud to have Migdal and its leaders.


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