Jewish Agency Shinshinim Coming to Baltimore

The new Baltimore shinshinim (L-R): Tal Cohen, Roni Shitrit Eyal Twito, Shir Keidar, Esti Beradze and Ido Tsimchi. Photo provided.

The Jewish Agency Shinshinim, or service year emissaries, arrive in Baltimore this month to begin their 10 months of service.

The Shinshinim are high school graduates whose ultimate goal is to create stronger connections to Israel in Diaspora communities. Each of the Shinshinim has pushed off their mandatory service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to participate. Candidates go through a long selection process conducted by The Jewish Agency.

This year’s shinshinim of Baltimore are Shir Keidar, Esti Beradze, Eyal Twito, Sagie Dotan, Roni Shitrit, Arbel Shavrit, Tal Cohen and Ido Tsimchi.

Other countries besides the United States that participate in this program include Canada, South Africa, Great Britain and more. All 200 participating Shinshinim completed an extensive six-month training course, which concluded on Aug. 1.

“When it comes to fostering deeper relationships between Israel and world Jewry, we have learned that there is simply no substitute for the genuine, educational and growth-promoting person-to-person interactions between Israeli emissaries and the communities they serve,” said Jewish Agency chairman Isaac Herzog. “We look forward to our new Baltimore-based Shinshinim continuing this crucial work.”

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