Jewish Support or Islamic Hatred?


With regard to the JT’s editorial “A Birthright for Evangelicals?” (May 29): For those who view Christianity as the authentic inheritor of the promises and legacy of the Hebrew Bible, a birthright for Evangelicals is a natural development. For such individuals in New Testament language, while the original “old” Jewish birthright may be directed toward the “Israel after the flesh,” the “new” Covenant Journey is intended for “Israel after the spirit.” Make no mistake about it: The beleaguered State of Israel needs all the friends and supporters it can muster. But — a la the rabbinic expression “not out of love for Mordecai but hatred of Haman” — much Evangelical support for the modern Jewish state is generated not so much out of any love for (the Christ-killing) Jews but from hatred of the Arabs and Islam.

—Brad Shaw, Clarksville


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