Jews And The Gnomes Problem


It seems that a Nuremberg court — you remember the venue for the famous post-World War II Nazi trials, right? — will allow an art gallery to display garden gnomes giving a Heil Hitler salute, reports the JTA Wire Service.

The sign is banned in Germany unless it is part of an educational, pro-democratic project. But the state prosecutor announced that there is no cause to sue artist Ottoman Horl and gallery owner Erwin Weigl for the use of anti-constitutional symbols of small gold-colored statues as part of the display “Dance With The Devil.”

Chief Prosecutor Wolfgang Trag spelled it all out: The raised arm was clearly part of an artistic action designed to be critical of the Nazi regime, but “the Hitler greeting remains banned in general.”

The catch: If the artist one day wants to sell the pieces, each case would have to be judged separately.

Mr. Horl’s work is part of “transgressive art,” which is designed to break taboos. The trend was given a boost by a 2002 New York Jewish Museum exhibit called “Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery, Modern Art,” which included French artist Alain Sechas’ white plastic kittens with Hitler moustaches.

Now you know why we call it “weird news,” don’t you?

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