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Thank you for addressing the issue of suicide (“From Darkness To Light,” Aug. 2). On May 10, 2001, my talented, successful, charming husband, Jerry Bloom, ended his 20-year battle with depression by taking his own life. My sons and I were very grateful to the late Rabbi Seymour Essrog for having the courage to provide a thoughtful and honest eulogy for Jerry. At the time, I was amazed at the number of friends and acquaintances who came forward to share stories of loved ones who had ended and or had attempted to end their lives. That was then. Since that time, I have attended a support group for survivors of suicide. We are a diverse group in terms of age, sex, religion and relationship to our loved ones, but the similarities are amazingly the same. The group I attend is not in any way faith based; it is human based, and the strength and hope we receive from each other are life affirming. My hope is that anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide would join with others who have wa lked in their shoes.

Tobi Bloomberg

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