JT Cover Story: Biased Reporting?


Reading your July 31 issue and viewing its cover (“A Time to Act” ) one could only conclude that the bulk of American Jewry agreed with the positions of ZOA and AIPAC and were vigorously opposed to the proposed nuclear deal with Iran. However, that is far from clear. In fact, as reported in The Washington Post, a national survey conducted by the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles showed that American Jews support the agreement by 20 percent more than the general population. The actual numbers were 48 percent in support, 28 percent in opposition and the remainder undecided. So was your July 31 issue yet another case of  “the squeaky wheel gets the {media} grease,” or is it evidence that your reporting suffers from gross bias, notwithstanding the little sidebar, “Most Jewish federations find ‘plethora’ of opinions on Iran deal.”

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