Just before Sukkot, Sukkah Depot buzzes with activity


When you need a hammer, you go to Home Depot. When you need staples, you go to Office Depot. When you need a sukkah, you go to Sukkah Depot.

Enter the store on the week of Sukkot, and you’ll find men directing each other where to put planks, grandmothers picking out decorations and employees rushing to assist customers.

The store has a lot to offer, from fake plant decorations to cloths to full tents. Owner Malky Reznitsky was busy attending to work and unavailable to comment.

Dianne Mcconnell, 36, of Prince Frederick, drove almost two hours to reach the Sukkah Depot on Reisterstown Road on Sept. 29. Her usual store in Silver Spring closed for coronavirus.

“It’s fun,” she said. “I love the layout of this place, and it’s just energetic seeing everyone pick out their things for Sukkot.”

Behind her in line was Yehuda Bromberg, 30, of Owings Mills. This was his first time at the store, too. He heard about it through family and friends, and was glad he did.

“The store is great. They have everything you need, and it seems like there’s fast service. At least I hope,” he laughed, as he waited for his turn at the register.

Also at the store that day, an elderly woman handed a young boy an armful of items. “We’re getting so much after all,” she said to him, as the owner directed her to more materials.

Full sukkah tents go for around $300 to $500. There are panels available, strips of bamboo and more.

The store is open at 7006 Reisterstown Road until Friday. It is open until midnight. Because it is a seasonal store, the shop will not exist come Monday.




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