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I understand the JT has to consider all views, but regarding “The Dam Is Breaking” (Your Say, May 31), this is more of that J Street, self-hating-Jew rhetoric.

Norman Wolfe

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  1. Dear JT,
    I welcome anyone attacking arguments I make regarding Israel, Palestine, or any other issues that I frequently write about for different publications. However, the letter to the JT by Norman Wolfe was a personal attack on me. He made 3 major mistakes in only 1 sentences. First, he assumed I was Jewish. He happens to be right but unless I dropped my pants or he attended my Bar Mitzvah in the 60’s how would he know? Secondly, he accused me of being a J-Streeter. Farthest from the truth as they, not I, are Zionists and supporters of Israel. Lastly, calling me a self-hating Jew is accusing me of anti-Semitism. That more than anything is offensive and a personal attack. I didn’t think JT would print such ignorant and personally offensive materials directed at one of its readers that also has no substance in promoting one side or another. (My mother has a subscription)

    If you are interested in having a different perspective on issues covered in the JT I would be happy to provide a column at any time. The one publication I mostly write for, and reprinted elsewhere, is http://www.dissidentvoice.org. You can get an idea of my points of view.

    Thank you,
    Myles H


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