Kauffman is Right on Iran


I am protesting the ad hominem attack on Brad E. Kauffman in a letter to the  editor of the July 29 edition (“Your Say.”) Marty Waxman, in reference to Kauffman’s well-reasoned opinion published July 15 (“Democrats Must Be Held Accountable,”) baselessly accused Kauffman of insincerity. Marty Waxman closed his letter with the following dig, “he seemed more like a pro- Republican activist at the expense of Israel.” This kind of rhetoric should have no place on this editorial page. Kauffman’s opposition to the Iran Nuclear Deal happens to coincide with the position of the majority of Americans, the overwhelming majority of Israelis, the Prime Minister of Israel and Senator Ben Cardin. His position scarcely seems partisan.

A second letter to the editor defended the deal by describing its content. However, an agreement is only as good as the participant’s willingness to abide by it. The Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was quoted in the Washington Post saying, “The Americans say they stopped Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, they know it’s not true.” Meanwhile, the Iranian regime is using its more than $100 billion dollar windfall from the deal to build Hezbollah military infrastructure and stocks of armament.

No candidate for office that supports the Iranian Nuclear Deal has earned the support of the pro-Israel, pro-civilization voter. Everything is at stake. As a Navy veteran of two  deployments in opposition to the Iranian regime, I applaud the efforts of Brad E. Kauffman.


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