King David Takes Baltimore’s Goliaths to YouTube

The Polsky family with Jonathan Ogden. From left: Evan, Daniel, David, Ogden, Brian and Andrea (Provided)

David and Evan Polsky have taken to YouTube to introduce the community to some of the biggest names in Baltimore. Since October, the Reisterstown siblings have been interviewing local celebrities on their YouTube channel, “King David,” as a way to share their love of fun, games and professional sports.

David, 11, conducts interviews and plays games with their guests while Evan, 14, typically films and edits their videos.

The first video that they made featured Baltimore Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta. “I had the clips, downloaded the editing software and just taught myself how to do [editing],” said Evan. “It was pretty easy, I figured out how to put audio in and do transitions and just edit. We both love football, so that’s what we started with, interviewing and playing games with football players.”

The two got in touch with Pitta via email, inquiring whether he might like to make a video with some of his fans and explaining what it was about. “He said, ‘Sure, why not?’ His son wanted to be in the video too,” explained David, “so that’s how it started off.”

Since that first video, David and Evan have met a number of professional athletes including Baltimore Ravens players Justin Tucker, Marshal Yanda, Zach Orr, Brandon Williams and Jonathan Ogden, and interviewed skier Tommy Moe, an Olympic gold medalist.

As a part of their work, David and Evan are constantly trying to make new connections. Some players heard about the two from Pitta, and they have contacted other athletes by email or by going to signings and asking in person if they would be interested in doing a video for the channel.

“They’re just all over the idea and really nice about it, totally willing,” said David. “We usually try to look them up and see what their hobbies are. We’ll take what they like to do and try to combine it with other ideas we come up with, then send it to them and ask their opinions.”

Part of the appeal of their YouTube channel is that it shows people a side of their favorite local athletes that they might not have known about. For example, Justin Tucker sang opera in Russian during his interview and Jonathan Ogden led the boys in yoga.

“I’ve been very impressed with what good sports all of these guys have been,” said Andrea Polsky, the boys’ mother. “They went to Justin Tucker’s house and said ‘let’s do pie in the face’ and he said alright. Whatever was suggested, they were all good with. I enjoyed seeing Jonathan Ogden teach them yoga because he’s such a big guy, you don’t expect him to be so graceful and flexible.”

Right now, the boys are working on creating more content and growing their viewer and subscriber base. Their channel currently has 157 subscribers and have videos that have been viewed more than 1,800 times. Their audience started with just their school friends and family, but has since expanded through word of mouth and sharing the videos on Facebook.

“Sometimes I see famous YouTubers do livestreams and communicate with the people that chat on it, so I try as much as I can to chat with people and tell them to check out my channel,” said David. “We never stop, we keep thinking of more ideas, possibilities, people, trying to email them and go to signings — just any possibility to keep it going.”

The pair are always keeping an eye out for more publicity. When radio station Mix 106.5 was reading holiday cards from listeners, David sent in a letter about his YouTube channel, and they read it out loud on the radio.

“King David” landed its interview with Tommy Moe when the boys noticed that he was the ambassador for Jackson Hole, where the family was going on a ski trip.

“David and I, on David’s idea, put a letter together from David to [Tommy Moe’s] representative” explained Brian Polsky, the boys’ father.

“We just thought it was going to be an interview, but he was like ‘let’s go skiing,’” David said. “He took us to the top of the mountain and showed us some slopes, we just had a blast.”

With the boys in school, it limits the time that they can work on their channel. But they are still working on promoting their videos to get more views and subscribers, and have inspired their cousin in Illinois to start his own YouTube channel as well.

“Right now, we’re trying to get local names and celebrities — maybe Michael Phelps, Kevin Plank, Cal Ripken Jr.,” said Evan. “We only get good feedback. Once in a while we have a subscriber say, ‘That was really cool that you got Justin Tucker’ or something like that. We don’t have much, but it is all positive.”

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