Kosher Pizzas Travel Across the Nation


Pigs may not be flying yet, but pizzas sure are. At least, that’s what a 1996 Jewish Times article suggests. In the Jan. 5 issue of that year, a “Frontlines” news brief entitled “Flying Kosher Pizzas” tells the story of the newly established kosher pizza delivery system that was receiving lots of attention and orders: the Federal Express. Jerusalem 2, a two-floor kosher foods restaurant in New York City, had started offering to ship freshly made pizzas across the United States.

“Those who order the 18-inch cheese pizza — which costs $14 plus shipping — will receive the pie within 24 hours of its baking,” the article assures readers.

Director of Special Projects at Jerusalem 2, Shainy Bat-Shevah, said they’d already received hundreds of orders within the first three weeks of offering the service. Orders reportedly came in from as far away as Savannah, Georgia, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Bat-Shevah said that the idea to send pizzas by mail had been under consideration for several years.

“We heard requests from out-of-town customers to open up pizza stores in their towns, and people asked us to send pies to their relatives,” she said.

Jerusalem 2 managed to solve both requests in one go. They negated the need for more versions of their stores in other towns by offering to ship pizzas to anyone, including relatives, nationwide.

A quick Google search reveals that today, nearly 35 years later, Jerusalem 2, now Jerusalem Café, is still in business. While its address has changed since the 1996 article, the establishment is still serving pizzas, and has included a variety of new items including sushi. While orders can be placed through an online menu for pickup or New York City-based deliveries, the website doesn’t mention any option to mail order pizzas. Sorry folks.

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