Krieger Schechter thanks educators and students in comical, Chanukah-themed video


Krieger Schechter Day School has released a humorous, Chanukah-themed video inspired by the difficulties of teaching online classes in the age of social distancing.

“A Very Zoomy Chanukah Lesson” depicts a fictional online class led by a talking menorah named Mr. Chanukiah. Over the course of the video, Mr. Chanukiah repeatedly fails to bring some semblance of order and discipline to his rambunctious class of around a dozen students.

Similar to their teacher, the students are all depicted as different Chanukah-themed items. Most of them are represented as candles, while a pair of renegades take the form of a latke and a dreidel.

Early on, the instructor reprimands the Shamash candle for leaving his video turned off. This immediately leads to candles one through eight to rename their online avatars and shout up a cacophony of, “I am Shamash!” “I am Shamash!”

Over the course of the class, Candle Five renames himself Captain America, Candle Three insists on showing the class his new kitten, Candle Eight puts up distracting filters and backgrounds, and Dreidel experiences a possible sugar rush and the uncontrollable urge to spin around with reckless abandon.

A lost connection ends the class before any teaching has actually begun, leading Mr. Chanukiah to throw up his metaphorical hands in frustration and exit out of the Zoom session in a huff.

Right after doing so, the instructor’s final student, represented as a Maccabee soldier, blinks into an empty chat room. Apologizing for his tardiness, the latecomer explains that “the homework took me like eight days to finish! The reading was like Greek to me. It’s a miracle I got it done.”

The video ends with a piece of scrolling text reading, “Here’s to the miracle of dynamic teachers, resilient students, and excellence in education during a global pandemic. Happy Chanukah from all of us at Krieger Schechter Day School.”

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