Lamar Odom visits Lubavitcher Rebbe’s gravesite with his kids

Lamar Odom at the gravesite of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson in Queens, N.Y. (Lamar Odom/Instagram)

Lamar Odom visited the New York gravesite of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, the late leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, with his two children last week.

“I heard he makes miracles happen,” the former NBA star said in an Instagram post. “It’s a miracle to be here at this place with my children, reflecting on a better life we will build together.”

Tens of thousands of people, including non-Jewish celebrities, have visited Schneerson’s gravesite in Queens this summer on the 25th anniversary of his death. In the post, Odom pointed out that Rosh Lowe, Odom’s speaking coach, considers Schneerson a mentor.

Odom shared a second Instagram post, which featured a photo of the rebbe and a video of a Chabad follower talking to Odom about religious observance.

“Even when we might be on the lowest rung of life’s ladder, living some of our lowest moments, we must focus on moving upward,” the man says to Odom.

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