Landau’s Backwards Reasoning


Rabbi Landau’s leftist bias comes out loud and clear in his opinion piece (“Kavanaugh: A Postscript, Oct. 19). While maybe subtle, “charges” are different than “accusations.” In this case, there were accusations (unproven), but no charges. Also, among other factors, Landau conveniently ignores the timing by the Democrats in releasing Ford’s accusation, the FBI exoneration, the refuting of the accusation by those same witnesses claimed by Dr. Ford, and even the left-wing media’s own dismissal of any other accusations other than those of Dr. Ford.

And just what is Landau’s point? Is it that these types of unproven and biased attacks from high school should not taint 35 years of public service and will discourage good candidates from public service? That sounds like the proper conclusion but opposite of the one that Landau advances.

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