Last Thing Vaccine Makers Want Is Study


In response to Simone Ellin’s article “A Healthy Dose?” (Aug. 29), I would like to add a few points and facts.  If the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the government would conduct a long overdue study comparing the health of vaccinated children with unvaccinated children, much of the controversy surrounding this issue could disappear. One must ask: Why hasn’t this been done?

According to the National Vaccine Information Center, more than $2 billion has been paid out in compensation for vaccine injuries through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which was established in 1986 to keep vaccine makers from being sued. They have little incentive to make certain their products are safe and much incentive to keep developing more. Vaccines are a multibillion-dollar, risk-free business.

Vaccines today contain aluminum as well as traces of mercury, both of which are neurotoxic, especially when given in combination. Is it any wonder then that today one in six children is considered learning disabled and that millions more suffer with asthma, diabetes and chronic allergic and autoimmune disorders?  Our children are the most heavily vaccinated in the world and are also the sickest.

In 1953, the CDC recommended 16 doses of four vaccines. Autism was almost unheard of. In 1983, the CDC recommended 23 doses of seven vaccines. Do most families realize that as of 2013 at least 49 doses of 14 vaccines are recommended and that a Hepatitis B shot is given on the first day of life?

The autism rate today is one in 68 children and climbing. Yet, the CDC continues to refuse to do more research on whether vaccines cause autism, although parents who have watched their children regress after the MMR shot would beg to differ.

The study most cited by the CDC disproving the autism /mercury link was conducted by Danish researcher Poul Thorsen, now a fugitive under indictment in the U.S. for fraud.  He spent millions of CDC money on an extravagant lifestyle for himself while giving the CDC the answers they wanted.

The CDC has acknowledged that the growing failure of the Dtap vaccine to prevent pertussis is largely due to a resistant mutation in the causative organism and that more than 75 percent of the children contracting pertussis had been vaccinated. Yet, it continues to demonize and blame the small percentage of parents who choose not to vaccinate. I believe nationwide it is less than 5 percent. And those parents who opt out are mostly well-educated and have done their research. They have read the vaccine inserts and know that the ingredients listed can be problematic — formaldehyde, MSG and mercury to name just a few.

This is a complex topic, and although it is controversial, it bears more in-depth study and open-mindedness. The video, “The Greater Good,” is a good source for those interested in learning more about this topic as is the website.

Read the manufacturer’s drug inserts that come in the vaccine package, and study the latest research by immunologists, neurologists and other scientists not tied to the drug industry. There is plenty out there that the media refuses to share. Follow the money trail, and you can see why.

 Julya Hoffman



  1. I see the Helsinki Declaration thrown around all the time. While controversial, The FDA DOES allow double blind placebo trials and such trials are done all over the world. Would parents sign up for it? I imagine so. They sign their children up for asthma trials where their diagnosed asthmatic child “may” or “may not” actually receive treatment. I cannot imagine subjecting my children to this sort of thing but there obviously are parents who would and do.

    re Helsinki: The US FDA rejected the 2000 and subsequent revisions, only recognizing the third (1989) revision,[56] and in 2006 announced it would eliminate all reference to the Declaration. After consultation, which included expressions of concern, [66] a final rule was issued on April 28, 2008 replacing the Declaration of Helsinki with Good Clinical Practice effective October 2008. [67]

  2. Our daughter had a serious adverse reaction to the MMR. When the HPV vaccine was offered we opted not to consent. However, the school nurse assured us that this vaccine is safe. Within minutes of being vaccinated she felt unwell and had to be collected from school. Each day she felt more poorly, flu-like, feeling cold, abdominal pains, severe headaches and very, very tired. Each day it got worse. The doctor was sure it was glandular fever but all tests were negative. She couldn’t walk and was sleeping up to 23 hours every day. After 4 months she went into a coma-like sleep and never opened her eyes or was able to speak for 13 weeks. Eventually she did wake but suffered constant pains and hyper somnolence. She has missed 3 years of school and still can’t walk and sleeps 18 – 22 hours every day. Doctors deny that it is caused by the vaccine but have no explanation. They have tried twice to blame us of Munchausen’s.
    We researched and found thousands of other girls were suffering with similar symptoms. I obtained through FOI that the number of UK Yellow Card reports of serious adverse events (SAE) were approx. 100 times more than for other vaccines. The MHRA accept that typically only 10% of SAE are reported. SAEs for HPV vaccine, including 4 deaths, are approx. 92 per 100,000 recipients so actual SAE are expected to be 920 per 100,000. This vaccine is considered ‘safe and effective’. But so was Pandemrix flu vaccine until 900 cases of narcolepsy were reported in Scandinavia. A little further back and Pluserix MMR vaccine containing the Urabe mumps strain was withdrawn after causing meningitis. Lymerix was also considered ‘safe& effective’ but withdrawn when it caused irreversible autoimmune diseases.
    Cancer Research UK report that cervical cancer deaths have reduced from 8 per 100,000 to 2 per 100,000 over the last 40 years. At this rate there should be no deaths within 10 years without this vaccine.

  3. It is long overdue that vaccines need to be examined by independent scientists, but after what happened to Dr Andrew Wakefield when he came back with what he truly found , that there was a link between the MMR and autism ,will there be any scientist brave enough to come up with a truthful answer? It beggars belief that anyone can believe that it is ok to inject aluminium and mercury into the blood stream of a newborn baby or worse inject the mother while she is pregnant. How many studies do people need to tell them that this is not a good idea?
    Since when was measles and mumps so scary ? Why …since a vaccine was invented for them! Surprise surprise! When I was a child parents encouraged their children to catch all these diseases there were even measles parties to get them out of the way . Older paediatricians would say that after measles the child had a growth spurt and it was also claimed that mumps helped to mature the sexual organs in boys. Read Dr Elmiger’s books ‘Rediscovering Real Medicine ‘And The Treatment of Auto -Immune Disease

  4. “monstrously unethical”
    hmm, sounds like a troll
    we have tens of thousands of children and teens who are not vaccinated (by choice) in each major city. Performing a study to look at rates of chronic disease and autism in these kids and comparing those rates to vaccinated children in similar socioeconomic classes is nothing close to unethical.

  5. Vaccines destroyed my kids’ brain, quality of health, life and living and destroyed my family’s lives as well! I went on trusting the AAP, and medical community and I lost my child to ‘autism’ on the 20 min drive home from the well-baby check after she recieved the mmr, polio and varicella vaccines. She was later diagnosed ‘static encephalopathy manifested by autistic like features and behaviors’. Vaccine are toxic and can lead to seizures, encephalopathy, brain inflammation, gastrointestinal inflammation, viral blood disorders, toxic metal body burden, brain damage, organ damage and even death! EDUCATE before you TRUST! READ the vaccine package inserts at your doctor’s office! The doctors are NOT taught in med school of what is in the vaccines and what an adverse reaction is or how to treat it! They are diagnosing encephalopathy as autism and it is WRONG! We have an epidemic of encephalopathy in children today and the CDC knows it and not saying anything b/c they are at falt from it! #CDCwhistleblower Bill Thompson came forward saying he omitted scientific data on the 2004 MMR/Vaccine autism paper! So, ‘the science’ is WRONG!!! CDC lied!

  6. “Vaccines today contain aluminum as well as traces of mercury, both of which are neurotoxic, especially when given in combination.”

    Wrong. There is no elemental aluminum or mercury in any vaccine. Do you also think that table salt contains chlorine gas? There is no evidence that the tiny amounts of thimerosal and aluminum salts found in some vaccines are more dangerous in combination.

    • Ken, you said “There is no elemental aluminum or mercury in any vaccine.” That does not make it safe to inject aluminum and mercury compounds found in vaccines into babies and pregnant women! Also, “tiny amounts” is not a recognized safe unit of measure. For instance parts per billion levels of mercury compounds in water kill fish. There is evidence of harm.

  7. Great! So you all will volunteer YOUR children for this study? And promise to NOT be upset if they get put into the “vaccine” arm rather than the “no vaccine” arm? After all, in the gold-standard double blind studies, neither the parent NOR the researcher/doctor knows what arm the child is in. And, of course, you will support those others who are put into the unvax arm who don’t want to be there when their children get sick/die with vaccine-preventable illnesses?

    There are NO studies (not even the ones done by anti-vax groups) that show vaccines cause autism. Even AOA’s telephone study showed that.

    As for me, I’m going to opt out so I KNOW my children are fully vaccinated.

  8. To correct some errors above – Vaccine manufacturers are still liable for manufacturing defects. If bad lots are found that contain tainted or otherwise compromised vaccines, then the manufacturers are liable.

    Over 2 Billion doses of vaccines have been given (just in the United States) since the advent of the Vaccine Court – given the overall statistics of the program, one has a greater chance of being struck by lightning (many times over) or winning the PowerBall Jackpot than you have of suffering a serious vaccine reaction.

    About 25% of individuals infected with Measles will require some level of hospitalization (at an average cost of $9500 per person), meaning that treating VPDs is much more profitable than the vaccines themselves.

    Hundreds, if not thousands of studies have been done, are being done & will continue to be done to monitor the safety of vaccines (done by the companies themselves, independent research and educational institutions, government regulators both here and overseas, etc) – so if you believe that millions of people are part of the conspiracy (as would have to be, given the scope) then I have a bridge to sell you.

    And finally, regarding the “Whistleblower” – here is a comprehensive report (with real facts):

    Oh, and an informative video as well:

  9. The reason why the vaccinated-vs-unvaccinated study has not been done and will never be done is because such a study is monstrously unethical.

    The study you propose would be a prospective, randomized, double arm study with a placebo arm, which would be double blind (neither the young patient/parent or the researchers/doctors who are in involved in the study would know which child received the protective vaccine and which child the non-protective placebo.

    Such a study would never pass an Institutional Review Board for approval of the study design and should never, ever be contemplated using children or adults…it is against the Helsinki Declaration:

    Hundreds of studies, which do not violate human rights and the Helsinki Declaration have been completed by researchers and academics from around the world. These studies examined the vaccination records of millions of children and matched those records to the children’s clinical records. No link was ever found between any vaccine, any ingredient in vaccine, the spacing and timing of vaccine…and the onset of autism…or any other developmental disorder…or any other childhood disease.

  10. Excellent summary of many of the issues, Julya! Thank you for this!

    For those who like to read books, I would like to suggest 3 great ones: “Vaccine Epidemic,” “What About Immunizations? Exposing the Vaccine Philosophy,” and “Vaccine Illusion.”

    For those who like to watch YouTube movies for free, check out Gary Null’s latest called “Silent Epidemic”:

    And, for those who like blog articles, here’s one I wrote recently, with hyperlinks to many great resources:

    Thanks for helping to get the word out, Julya, about our nation’s dangerous, ineffective, and unchecked vaccine program! Hope you reach many parents, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists with your sage words.

  11. Thank you for writing this. As much as I agree that an independant double-blind study is absolutely necessary to examine health outcomes of vaccinated vs cunvaccinated children, there is already a pile of data in existence that tells us the answers we are looking for. Not to mention the recent CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson who claims that data was hidden regarding the realization that the MMR vaccine increases black childrens’ risk of autism by 240% when given before age 3. Its all one big giant experiment on our children :(


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