Latest Police Moves Keep Stability In The Community


Baltimore City Police has promoted a former captain who oversees the Northwestern District and has brought in a new captain, as well.

Marc Partee, formerly a captain, was promoted to major, and Capt. Byron Conaway joined the forces.

“You’re basically just ramping it up,” Partee said. “You have two operational guys — myself and the captain — who are basically pushing the mission forward and pushing with a younger, energetic, out-of-the-box kind of thinking.”

He and Major John Delgado came up with a strategic plan that identified eight areas of concern in the Northwestern District, one of them being the area north of Northern Parkway. Partee said these eight areas are evaluated weekly, and each have their own officers assigned to them.

In the case of the northern Park Heights corridor, the area has two officers assigned to it, Officers Ken Dickstein and Sam Bennett. Bennett is also the liaison to the Northwest Citizens On Patrol group, and Dickstein is the police’s citywide liaison to the Jewish community.

Betsy Gardner, the neighborhood liaison for the Jewish community in the 5th, 6th and 7th Baltimore districts for City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young, said the promotion of Partee is great thing for the area.

“We’re just very pleased that the captain was promoted, so we keep the stability in the community,” she said.

Dickstein, whose father is a rabbi and grew up in the community, said the open communication between the police and local residents has helped police stay ahead of crime trends and made the area a safer place.

“Go on a Friday, on a Shabbos morning and see the people walking through the neighborhoods,” he said. “If they’re not safe, do you think they’d be walking around the way they are?”

Dickstein said Partee and Conaway are extremely invested in the area, as reflected by their plan to make sure every synagogue in the city has proper security coverage on the High Holidays.

“We educated the officers so that they know why they’re out there, what they’re doing and how much it means to the community for us to understand the High Holidays,” Partee said.

He said when his officers know why the department is doing what it’s doing, they buy in.

“It’s all about proactive policing,” he said.

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