Learning From Dreams


The name of this week’s Torah portion is Vayeshev, which is in the Book of Genesis. It is a continuation of the story of Joseph. In Vayeshev, Joseph is now in Egypt. Sadly, at this point in the story, Joseph is in prison, where he encounters two new prisoners. One is Pharaoh’s cup bearer and the other is Pharaoh’s baker. They both have dreams, and they ask Joseph to interpret them.

In the cup bearer’s dream, there were three branches of grapes. The cup bearer squeezed the juice into the cup and gave it to Pharaoh. Joseph told him this meant that in three days he would get his job back. In the baker’s dream, there were three baskets of bread on his head, the top basket was filled with lots of baked goods. Later in the dream, birds came and ate the baked goods from the basket. Joseph told the baker this dream meant that in three days the baker would be killed.

On Pharaoh’s birthday, which happened to be three days later, Pharaoh had a feast. Pharaoh sent for the cup bearer but got rid of the baker.

Before he left, Joseph asked the cup bearer to remember him, but the cup bearer soon forgot him.

I found this part of the parsha most interesting because I thought it was really amazing how Joseph could interpret dreams and how he was right about them all.

I think there are meanings to dreams. I sometimes remember my dreams, but most of the time, I tend to forget them.

But I have other kinds as dreams as well. For example, I have the dream of doing well in school because I want to get good grades in order to go to high school and college. I also dream about playing for a successful team in my sports activities. While the Torah tells us about Joseph who could tell what dreams meant and what would happen in the future, I don’t know what my dreams exactly mean, and I definitely don’t know what will happen in the future.

But dreams are still important because they show what’s in your imagination and in your mind, and they show what you might be able to accomplish in your life. Joseph found a way to learn and share what people’s dreams meant; I hope someday I also will know what my dreams mean, too.

Lauren Murdick is a seventh-grader at Krieger Schechter Day School.

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