Letter to the Editor: June 5


Annexation Is Israel’s Decision

Why is annexation a mistake? (“Annexation Is a Mistake,” May 15). Is it a mistake because Democrats (and I am a Democrat) and Biden support annexation?

The Arabs, Europeans, and Israel’s critics everywhere have objected to annexation of Jerusalem, annexation of the Golan, recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and stopping payments to UNRWA. After decades of failed peace proposals, doing nothing is the real mistake.

Annexation doesn’t block a two-state solution. If Israel must wait for approval from the Palestinians and Europeans, nothing will ever change.

It is time to take a critical look at the so-called two-state solution and whether there is any solution to the conflict. Regardless, it is Israel’s decision as they and not us will suffer any consequences. We should stand with Israel and not lecture Israel, whichever direction they choose.

Melvin Farber, Silver Spring


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