Letters | April 19, 2019


To Believe In Trump & Netanyahu Is To Disbelieve in the Judeo-Christian Heritage

Netanyahu’s triumph in Israel is a disaster for Jews in America and for the the Jewish spirit throughout the world. To support Netanyahu who is a Jewish version of Trump is to violate the most sacred tenets of the Jewish faith as embodied most especially in the Prophets of the Old Testament. Whenever Jews forsook their fundamental moral principles – of caring for the stranger; doing as you would be done by; weighing temporal concerns against ultimate spiritual imperatives – the Prophets denounced and lamented the backsliding and betrayal of their people.

The Christian evangelists who support Trump also support Netanyahu. Theirs is a fundamentalist version of the Gospel which looks forward to the triumph of Israel as a necessary stage for the return of Christ who will then condemn unconverted Jews. This distortion of the Gospel of Peace is no benefit to Jews in America or in the holy land. Like Trump’s and Netanyahu’s policies this marks the ascendency of hatred, division, and bigotry – all weapons being used by Trump in America and Netanyahu in Israel to consolidate their power and demonize the other. This is contrary to the spirit of Judaism as I was brought up to understand it. Any Jew who supports either of these corrupted and corrupting leaders for whom our common shared humanity and the policies necessary to assuage human suffering are anathema, has abrogated the unconditional imperatives of our Biblical heritage and traduced the very religion and countries which they claim to be their central concern. The words of Isaiah and, above all, Jeremiah and Amos, have never been more pertinent to contemporary Jewry than they are today.

Stephen Isaac Gurney
Bemidji, Minnesota


On Bridging The Gap

Wonderful story. Victoria did a great job. The Chabad “boys” bring a little light to our lives. (“Closing the Gap,” April 12) We look forward to their Friday visits.

Lester H. Poris
Owings Mills


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