Letters – August 23, 2019


‘Looking Back at 10 Myths About Judaism’

In your August 9 issue, a 100th anniversary Flashback refers to “Looking Back at 10 Myths About Judaism, 30 Years Later” and attributes the series to “Rabbi Simon Glustron.” The author’s surname is spelled incorrectly each time it appears.

Rabbi Simon Glustrom is rabbi emeritus of the Fairlawn Jewish Center in Fairlawn, New Jersey, and the author of “The Myth and Reality of Judaism: 82 Misconceptions Set Straight” from Behrman House, which collected and expanded on the short essays to which Shani Goloskov referred in the article. He also has written “When Your Child Asks: A Handbook for Jewish Parents” (Bloch Publishing Co.), “The Language of Judaism” (Jason Aronson), “Timeless Tablets” (Schreiber Publishing), “Unfinished Journey: A Rabbi’s Bout With Doubt”(Xlibris US), and “I Would Do It Again — Perhaps: A Rabbi’s Memoir (Xlibris US).” His essays have been widely disseminated as teaching resources for day school teachers, rabbis and students of Jewish ethics.

Rabbi Glustrom is currently 95 years old, and pray for his health along with the blessings of a life of love for learning and teaching to his 120th. He is a notable figure in the American rabbinate for many reasons.

Rabbi Larry Pinsker



Howard County Tisha B’Av Protest Drew Mixed Reviews

In regards to your article (“Jewish Organizations Hold ICE Tisha B’Av Protests in Howard County,” 8/16): My only question is where were these people during the Obama administration?

Alan Fink


I was so encouraged to see two of my rabbis and my Baltimore Jewish community and allies there on Sunday.

Kim Andrews



Friends for 56 Years-Yet Never Met-Until Now

This is the kind of thing that should be filling all of the news pages. Beautiful stories that bring happiness and love. #MoreOfThisPlease

Ze’ev Beleck


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