Letters – August 16, 2019


‘Beth Israel Welcomes Rabbi Ariel Greenberg-Platt’

Congratulations on your new position and the birth of your daughter. We wish you many years of joy and happiness.

Jean Schlesinger
San Antonio, Texas


Congratulations to Rabbi Ariel!
She is kind, sweet and very knowledgeable. We enjoyed meeting and getting to know her here in San Antonio.

Sheryl Jackson
San Antonio, Texas


Mazel Tov to my second favorite female rabbi and congratulations to Beth Israel … you got one of the best!

Marcia Friedlander

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  1. On page 13 of your August 9th issue, a 100th anniversary FlashBack refers to “Looking Back at 10 Myths About Judaism, 30 Years Later” and attributes the series to “Rabbi Simon Glustron.” The author’s surname is spelled incorrectly each time it appears.

    Rabbi Simon Glustrom is rabbi emeritus of the Fairlawn Jewish Center in Fairlawn, New Jersey and the author of “The Myth and Reality of Judaism: 82 Misconceptions Set Straight” from Behrman House — which collected and expanded on the short essays to which Shari Goloskov referred in the article. He also has written “When Your Child Asks: A Handbook for Jewish Parents” (Bloch Publishing Co.), “”The Language of Judaism” (Jason Aronson), “Timeless Tablets” (Schreiber Publishing) “Unfinished Journey: A Rabbi’s Bout With Doubt”(Xlibris US), and “I Would Do It Again — Perhaps: A Rabbi’s Memoir. (Xlibris US)” His essays have been widely disseminated as teaching resources for day school teachers, rabbis, and students of Jewish ethics.

    Rabbi Glustrom is currently 95 years old, and pray for his health along with the blessings of a life of love for learning and teaching to his 120th. He is a notable figure in the American rabbinate for many other reasons as well. I hope you will correct the error.


    Rabbi Larry Pinsker


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