Letters–August 9, 2019


‘Police Presence Keeps Criminals Away’

I was greatly saddened that a member of the Jewish Community was annoyed by (and/or harassed by) the Police. (“I Don’t Want to See Another Cop Car In My Shul,” 7/28). While I was in the BCP’s Northwest District I had a tremendous relationship with the Jewish Citizens in my Police Sector. Indeed the “Northwest Citizens Patrol” (NWCP) made my job of assisting the community (and catching the bad guys) that much easier. I routinely wrote my reports while sitting in the parking lots of various Synagogues in the NW District. This was not to frighten anyone, but to show a “Police presence,” hopefully keeping the criminals away. In closing, let me say that I have never heard of ANY Officer supporting a hate group. Should this happen, I would encourage the victim to contact his/her Representatives at the Federal, State and Local levels. (Police don’t tolerate this behavior either).

William G Hotz, Jr.

‘Epic Documentary on Holocaust Survivor’

What a spectacular and epic documentary. (“Holocaust Soliloquy” Documentary On Holocaust Survivor Wins Emmy, 8/2) Holocaust survivor Peter Fischl was a wonderful human being with an amazing story that came to life in this film. It is worth an hour of your time to watch it online!!! Thanks for the Baltimore Jewish Times for letting us know about it.

Peter Kapos

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