Letters | Feb. 1, 2019


National Photo Provides Crucial Service

Congratulations to Lev Bar-Av and the Diamond brothers (“A Life in Photos,” Jan. 11). This is a well-deserved article. The cycle of photography and its spinoffs from photo glass plates, gelatins, tintypes, photo paper and now digital imaging with graphic arts are returning for commercial and personal needs. National Photo with Lev and the Diamond brothers has been there for me professionally and in my personal evolution of photo-sculpture to perpetuate and support each level of progress, history and development of the photographic arts.

Dr. Dean Kane, FACS

There’s No ‘Meh’ in ‘Maisel’

It’s obvious that the writers of “The Meh Mrs. Maisel” (Jan. 18) know nothing of the lifestyle of Jewish families in the 1950s. Each of their complaints pertaining to the morés of the Maisel show might apply to families in the 21st century, but in that earlier time those habits were normal.

Yes, we overate, showed off, blended and in general lived a life corresponding to the indulgences of the postwar years of the 1950s. Jewish women did equate gift-giving at Chanukah to Christmas; they wanted their children to have as happy a holiday as Christian children. Buffets were never too big. Minks were meant to be worn and admired no matter the weather. (I’ll concede that mink stoles were the fashion in warmer weather.) Converts wanted to be more observant than Jews-by-birth. Grandma watched the children of first-generation working wives.

I well remember my “swing coat,” so much like Mrs. Maisel’s. And the models strolling the main floor of the department stores. And hats on men — so good looking! And peplums. And on and on and on. I could dispute so many of their kvetches. The ’50s were the years of my young adulthood. The decade’s ups and downs marked my life. I didn’t do stand-up, but I dated, married, had children and worked in a world that was very different from our current environment. There’s no “meh” to what I see of Mrs. Maisel and her times.

Barbara Tasch Ezratty

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