Letters | Feb. 22, 2019


We Should Take Care of Our Own

Allow me to take issue with the Feb. 15 editorial concerning Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein’s vainglorious efforts with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

Jews should take care of their own, and not have to go schnoring to gentiles for help in providing care for our own indigent and elderly, especially Holocaust survivors.

Ma yomru ha-Goyim (What will the Gentiles say)? That Jews are so cheap that they refuse to take care of their own? That they invoke the Holocaust to make the world feel sorry for them, yet gleefully turn their backs on its still-alive victims?

This circumstance is a complete outrage, considering how many Jewish billionaires are listed in the Fortune 500. (Sheldon Adelson alone spent more than $100 million on the 2018 U.S. midterm elections.)

“It is not permitted that a Jew take charity from the gentile.”

Unquestionably, the ICJF is a black mark on American Jewry, in particular its richer-than-Croesus machers.

Issachar Friedmann, Baltimore


Thank You, JT

As the immediate past president of the Association of Jewish Libraries, I thank the JT for shading light on our Association (“Jewish Librarians Convene in Baltimore,” Feb. 8).

In addition to emphasis children books, the Association’s division of academic libraries and archives promotes research. I value the support of the Association to librarians and volunteers in synagogues, day schools and community centers like the Baltimore’s Center for Jewish Education. At the same time, we have members from universities, the Library of Congress, the Holocaust museum and librarians in Israel, Europe, South America and even South Africa. The meeeting dedicated time to planning the 54th conference, to take place in Los Angeles next June.

Amalia Warshenbrot

Immediate past president, Association of Jewish Libraries


If It Looks Like an Enemy …

A recent editorial defending the Democratic Party appeared the same week Washington Jewish Week ran a front-page story noting that the only opposition in the Senate to anti-BDS legislation came from Democratic leadership (“Anti-BDS legislation advances in Senate,” Jan. 31 WJW, “The Democrats are not the Enemy,” Feb. 1 JT).

It is not I who see Democrats as enemies, but it is the Democratic leadership that has declared themselves so. Indeed, the Democratic leadership has so loudly declared their animosity that several prominent veteran Democrats, so alarmed by the new direction of the party, have established the Democratic Majority for Israel as a new political action group.

Robert A. Berman, Vienna, Virginia

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