Letters for Nov. 8 Issue


More Education Necessary
We are supporting legislators who believe that a Holocaust curriculum is necessary in Maryland as well as the entire U.S. (“State Superintendent Boosts Holocaust Education Requirements,” Nov. 1, 2019). The entire events of the Holocaust affected six million Jews, yes. However, it also persecuted and murdered homosexuals, lesbians, and persons who were considered to be inferior to the supreme race that Hitler had in mind. So, essentially, the Holocaust is probably the best example of collective hate crimes and atrocities in our history; genocide, torture, rape, slavery, slave labor and more atrocities. Hate activities and crimes must be stopped. Education is one of the most effective means of changing ones behavior, as efficient education provides the true facts so that people can have a better understanding of our world and not come to conclusions based upon prejudice and brain washing. Knowledge is powerful and empowering. We want people to understand what really happened during the Holocaust and what led up to these horrific times. We want to support a Holocaust curriculum in Maryland for all students of all ages, before the seeds of hate have taken hold.

Cecilia Rund, Vice President of the Federation of Jewish Women’s Organizations of Maryland


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