Letters | July 12, 2019



‘Love The JT’

I’m from Baltimore. I haven’t been back in years. But I loved Baltimore and the JT. I owned a business there and was a weekly advertiser. Keep up the good work.

Michael Magin
JT website


‘Voted Best Senior Center in the BOJB 2019’

As Center Director of the Edward A Myerberg Center, I’d like to thank the Jewish Times and our community for choosing the Myerberg Center as the best senior center for the “Best of Jewish Baltimore 2019!”

Our center is the go-to place for older adults to find inspiration and connection. We are a hub of activity and we provide compelling programs in a warm and welcoming environment. Our Bagel Boys program, which was mentioned in your “Worth the Schlep” section (thank you!!) has grown to 186 members! The Myerberg Center is an exciting place to spend the day for staff and members, alike. A big thanks to the Jewish Times and our community for supporting our center and our 900+ members.

Niki Barr






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